How long does an iPhone screen replacement take?

We attempt to have all iPhone screen replacements done within an hour. However, this may be longer throughout busy periods.

What happens if I have a Manufacturer Warranty on my Device?

As a third party repairer, any repairs by us are not covered under Manufacturer Warranty.

We do however provide a 6 MONTH WARRANTY on all our repairs.

How much is a Repair Quotation?


FREE! - we do not charge an assessment fee for a repair quotation and if we can not repair the phone we will simply return it to you free of charge! - If the phone is unrepairable we can provide an Insurance Report at a cost of $65.

Can you repair Water-Damaged phones?

Yes we can! However, this is dependant on the severity of damage. Unfortunately, not all water-damaged phones can be saved, when this is the case we'll do our best to at least retrieve your data and provide it to you on a USB stick.