iPhone 6 Plus Screen  Repair

The bread and butter of our repairs business, the magnificent yet delicate iPhone screens are prone to breakage.  We find the charge ports of the iPhone 6 Plus to be particularly vulnerable to wear and tear, resulting in poor or inconsistent function.

The Cost

LCD / Touchscreen $69.99 in 1 hour*


Add a tempered glass screen guard to better protect your iPhone for a special price of $19.99.


Pair the repair and guard with a case to receive an even greater discount. 


Ask our staff for more information.

The Repair 

Reasonably similar to its smaller iPhone 6 cousin, the iPhone 6 Plus requires its Touchscreen and LCD replaced as a singular module.


Our technicians are able to achieve this by first removing the screen from its frame, along with its attachments.


Post-separation, our technicians remove and replace the home button assembly, speaker and camera flex from the old screen and to the new.


Once everything has been replaced and resealed, the parts subject to the procedure are tested extensively, thus ensuring their complete function.

*booking may be required.


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