iPhone 8 Plus Screen  Repair

The bread and butter of our repairs business, the magnificent yet delicate iPhone screens are prone to breakage.  We've found the wider surface area of the iPhone 8 Plus to be particularly vulnerable to damage and highly recommend a functional protective case.


The Cost

LCD / Touchscreen


Premium Glass Screen Guard



X-Doria Defence Case


The Repair 

A similar internal design to the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus' screen is comprised of both an LCD and Touchscreen element - both of which are required to be replaced in the repair.

With the application of heat, our skilled technicians carefully removed the screen from its' adhesive bonds to the frame; after which, it's connected flex cables are precisely detached.


Once separated, the home button assembly, speaker and camera flex are systematically changed from the old screen onto the new. 


On completion of the transfer, the parts used in the repair are tested extensively to ensure their complete function.